Tips to Plan a Clutter-free Kitchen

The design of your kitchen requires special attention. This is because you prepare and cook your food here. Also, there are lots of items kept in the modular kitchen. When they are not stored properly, they can make your kitchen interiors cluttered. This will not only ruin the appeal of your kitchen design but also make working in the kitchen very difficult. You may even face difficulty in finding things. A well-designed kitchen will make using it very convenient and ensure that you have a pleasant cooking experience. Your kitchen will always stay clutter-free. If you are not sure how to organise your kitchen to keep it clutter-free, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 The kitchen work triangle

When you are designing a modular kitchen, you should always create the kitchen work triangle. It is a golden rule followed by all experts. This is because the work triangle makes working in the kitchen much easier. You can create the work triangle by positioning the sink, hob, and fridge in a manner that the path between them forms a triangle. This will allow you to move between these three points faster and finish your work faster. There are a few important factors you will have to keep in mind while creating the work triangle. The most important one is that the space between them should be between 4 to 9 feet. Also, there must not be any obstruction in the pathway as you will be moving through these three points repeatedly.

02 of 05 Proper clearances

If you are not very sure about how to organise your kitchen, you must pay attention to clearance. Clearance is basically the amount of space required by a utility to function without any obstruction. Proper clearances will ensure that you can work in the kitchen freely. This can easily be done by taking the measurements of the various utilities accurately. Some of the elements you will have to measure for clearance are the cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, drawers etc. Make sure that you measure in a manner that allows you to use all the utilities simultaneously. It will make working in the kitchen more convenient. The clearance should be such that two doors in the same area can be accessed simultaneously.

In most cases, people focus on horizontal clearance. Although it is crucial, you should measure properly to ensure vertical clearance. Therefore, you should be careful about the distance between the countertop and the cabinets of your simple kitchen design idea.

03 of 05 Pay attention to the kitchen island

In many modern homes, you will come across the kitchen island. It has become one of the most favourite kitchen features of homeowners. There are plenty of reasons behind its popularity. One of the main reasons is that it offers more space for cooking and your prep work. You can create additional storage space as well so that your kitchen can stay clean and clutter-free. Also, they are available in many designs. You can choose any option to improve the look of your kitchen interiors. However, you will have to be careful about the size. If your kitchen is small, you stick to a small kitchen island only. A large kitchen island can make it difficult for you to move around in the kitchen. This will reduce your efficiency.

04 of 05 Always create sufficient countertop space

You need sufficient storage space in your kitchen to keep it from getting cluttered. Similarly, you need sufficient countertop space as well. The countertop is a very crucial element of your kitchen. There is plenty that goes on there. You need it for performing various activities like chopping, cooking, cutting, completing your prep work, etc. Without adequate space on your countertop, you will not be able to use your kitchen properly. It can easily get cluttered if you place only a few things. This can ruin the look of your kitchen design.

Creating sufficient space on your countertop is not very difficult. Even if you do not have a large countertop, you can opt for smart storage solutions that will help to save a lot of space. For instance, a vertical spice holder will help to save more space than a traditional spice holder in your simple kitchen design idea.

05 of 05 Electrical power sockets

Lots of modern appliances are used in the modular kitchen to make cooking an easier task. Most of these appliances operate on electricity. Therefore, you will require a power socket nearby to operate them. When there is only one power socket near your countertop, all these appliances will get cluttered around that area. You can easily avoid this from happening by ensuring that sufficient power sockets are available so that you can operate all the appliances simultaneously if required.

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