Tips for Beautiful Indian Bedroom Designs

The bedroom is the coziest and most intimate room in one’s house. In order to make the bedroom more comfortable, one must choose its décor in a way that it is soothing to the senses.

Indian homes have now started exploring a lot of modern bedroom designs that blend with the colourful culture of the various regions in India while also being extremely elegant and artsy. There are a variety of sophisticated and graceful Indian bedroom designs to choose from if you are looking to decorate or re-decorate your bedroom!

Here are some tips that might help you to create a unique and inventive Indian bedroom design for your home:

01 of 06 A very big bed may not be useful always

It is a common perception among Indians to choose the biggest bed possible! A royal-sized bed may be the best option for a very large bedroom space. But if you have a smaller space, then choose a bed that is proportionate to the size of the room. This will allow the space for other additional elements that can create the ideal Indian bedroom design.

Having a big bed that takes up more than 75 percent of the room will make the bedroom look cramped and constricted. Thus, always go for smaller beds with comfortable mattresses.

02 of 06 Choose a soothing colour scheme for your bedroom

All modern bedroom designs come in a colour pallet with softer tones of blue, green or crème yellow. Warmer shades like bright-red or dark-purple may disturb the relaxing atmosphere of an ideal Indian bedroom design.

But while choosing cooler or softer tones, you must be careful to not make the colours too boring or depressing. Also, it is important to choose the colour-scheme based on the amount of lighting the bedroom gets. It is advisable to ask an interior designer before you finalize the colour scheme so that it not only complements the furniture of the bedroom but also creates an overall mood of peace and warmth in the bedroom.

03 of 06 Choose appropriate lighting for your bedroom

Just like the colour-scheme, the lighting of a bedroom has to incorporate softer or cooler temperatures of light to give it a cozy look.

Indian bedroom designs are all about regulating natural sources of light- which mainly comes through windows. It is important to have layers of opaque blinds and transparent curtains over the windows. This layering will allow sunlight to enter during the day while blocking all external light sources during the night.  

Additionally, use bedside lamps and other light sources to create the perfect ambient lighting for a modern bedroom design.

04 of 06 Remember to use personalized and customized elements

A bedroom is supposed to be a private space meant to be enjoyed by you! Thus, it is extremely important to add elements that represent your personality and vibe. In order to have a truly unique Indian bedroom design, you should be able to customize your bedroom in a way that it reflects your personality and energy while also being simplistic and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are jazzing up the colours of the bedroom wall, you may want to use neutral or pastel shades for the furniture. The key to an effective modern bedroom design is to make sure that it doesn’t look too disorganized even while it displays the customized elements.

05 of 06 Try not to put the TV inside your bedroom

Indian bedroom designs generally come with an in-built TV on the opposite wall of the bed. But this is not such a great idea to go with! Watching television before going to bed seriously affects your sleep and takes away from the relaxing environment that a bedroom is supposed to provide.

Modern bedroom designs are taking this into consideration now as new-age interior designers are strictly advising against having a TV inside your bedroom. Instead, it is recommended that you install a soothing visual art frame on the opposite wall of the bed.

06 of 06 Clean your bedroom regularly

Maintenance of your bedroom is very essential. Most Indian bedroom designs lose their unique flavour and style due to negligence. Since it is a personal space, it often becomes a dump for all things that cannot be accommodated elsewhere. If this happens, then the bedroom can no longer be a space for relaxation!

Additionally, you might get bored of your bedroom easily. Thus, it is important to clean the space regularly and spice up the elements occasionally. For example, you might want to place freshly-cut flowers in a vase on the bedside table, a newer kind every day, so as to not make the bedroom design monotonous. Adding small indoor plants can also be a fun change in your bedroom.

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