Fun And Creative Activities To Do In Singapore

There are many interesting and creative things to do in Singapore, but the biggest trend right now is Art Jamming in Singapore. It is a new type of art that combines visual and written arts to create something totally different. Art Jammers are encouraged to probe into their creativity and use it in an artistic way.

Art Jammers enjoy drawing on the walls, but other objects can be used as well like books, clothes or even windows! They work together with other people who usually have complementary skills and talents which help them interact more creatively than they would alone.

There aren’t any rules for Art Jamming Singapore because everything around you becomes your canvas when you’re jamming so just let loose and see what happens! We recommend joining one of our workshops to learn some Art Jamming techniques before trying it at home though. The Art Jamming experience is all about having fun and exploring your creativity.

Art Jamming Singapore was created in December 2006 by a group of artists who were interested in experimenting with different media for fun without fear of criticism from others.

Art jams have become more and more popular because there isn’t any competition; nobody judges each other on color use technique or composition style. Art Jammers are free to experiment with new techniques or materials the way they want, and Art Jams don’t have any committee of experts judging their work.

This is also about letting go of your ideas on what art should be or how it should look like in order to expand our creativity! Art jams allow you free rein over whatever medium you desire as well as access to tools that often aren’t available at home or studios.

One thing I learnt during my first Art Jam is that you can create anything in Art Jamming Singapore, and there are no rules. If you’re tired of our day-to-day life and are looking for something interesting, challenging as well as fun to do, you should definitely go for it!

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