How To Choose A Reliable Multifamily Renovation Contractor

The property market is increasingly becoming highly competitive. Investors in the property market should ensure their property is well-maintained and renovated to suit the standards set by consumers and rental property providers. Choosing a reliable multifamily renovation company is the first step toward upgrading your residential, commercial property.

What is multifamily renovation?

A multifamily renovation is the process of remodeling rental property for community living units or apartments. A multifamily renovation company is the best option for uniform results and smooth completion of the remodeling process.

Renovations for multifamily property upgrade the housing units, making them appealing to renters. Some areas of interest include:

  • Updating lighting
  • New floor
  • Redesigning rental units layouts
  • Electrical wiring and rewiring
  • Updating and installing solar units
  • Re-roofing and cover repairs
  • Additions of new units such as staff quarters, bathrooms, storage and balconies

How to choose a suitable multifamily renovation company

The contractor you select will be responsible for all stages of the renovation process. Here’s a guide to help you choose from many providers in the market.

  • Ask for referrals

Word of mouth is a reliable way of getting a contract with a good reputation. Often clients will speak well of a contractor who delivers unmatched standards. Similarly, people speak ill of a contractor who fails to deliver as contracted. You can ask your friends, family and colleagues to refer you to contractors they’ve worked with in the past. Further, you can ask business networking groups for suitable referrals.

  • Conduct online search

Many contractors have a website where they showcase their projects. You can also visit multifamily renovation websites to see the top-performing companies. You may also find lists of qualified contractors and hire them for your project.

  • Qualified professionals

You can visit the local chambers of commerce to access listings for member contractors. Such contractors are certified, licensed and qualified to work on various multifamily units.  The contractors are liable to the umbrella construction body if they contravene the agreement.

  • Ensure they have a specialized team

Does the company have a team of experienced project managers and construction superintendents? These professionals should have unmatched track record building similar projects. You can ask for their performance record or resume and confirm their past success. You should also verify the qualifications of other subcontractors to determine their suitability for the project. These other technicians include; plumbers, electricians and flooring experts.

  • Cost against your budget

Your budget should be determined by the extent of renovation you intend to undertake. The minor renovation will cost less than remodeling. The prevailing cost of materials will also affect your renovation budget. You can shop from various suppliers to compare quotations. You can also allow the contractor to supply the materials because they can get discounts and offers from suppliers they’ve worked with in the past.

  • Get bids from various contractors

It is critical to do your due diligence before settling on one contractor. Visit at least two or three contractors before narrowing your search to the one that meets your expectations.


Multifamily renovations and remodeling help you maintain your property to the market’s standard. Ensure you have a legal contract to safeguard your project expectations for quality, time and money.

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