Getting started online

With QiuQiu online, you will be able to enjoy your online gaming. If you want to enjoy your gambling online but you are not sure how to go about it, then this guide will take you through how to go about it. First things first:

Choose the casino that is right for you

The first thing you will need to work on is to ensure that you get the right casino where you can gamble. The right casino might not be the best as each player has their definition of what is best when it comes to gambling.

A player who loves to play slots might consider the best casino to be the one which has a variety of slot games offering regular slots bonuses. While for a player who likes blackjack might view the best casino to be one with great bonuses on the blackjack.

Open an account

Before you start playing at the casino that you choose, you will have to open an account. It is easy to do it by clicking on a link or a button that states get started or join now. You will find it appearing on a certain position on the home page.  When the relevant link is clicked, you will be asked to fill in personal information.

You have to ensure whatever you are entering is accurate as at some later time, you will be needed to verify it – and this mostly happens when you are withdrawing your winnings. In case the information you provided does not match with your identification documents, then it might prove hard to get your earnings.

Deposit funds

Once the account is opened, you are about to start playing. You will need to put some money in your online account. For this to happen, there is a need for you to deposit into your account. Most of the online casinos ensure that it is an easy process by providing a variety of methods which you can use to make the deposit.

For you to make a deposit, you ought to be logged into your account. It is possible through the software client or directly on the website of the casino. You will see the button or a link that says that my account or banking, and you have to click on it.


When the funds are now available in your account, you are now ready to start playing your favorite games for real money. Some casinos offer games that are downloadable while others you can instantly play from the web browser. Whichever way you choose, you will find a variety of games to pick from, and you have an option to pick which ones to play.

You have to ensure that first, you understand the rules of the games that you are about to play before you start on it. Though the rules tend to be standard for most game, there can be slight variations from one game to the next. Most casinos do publish the various rules for each game that they are offering and you must take some time to go through them.

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