How Do You Want to Outfit Your Kitchen Staff?

If you manage a restaurant, you need to make sure the kitchen staff looks its best. After all, diners feel more confident if the kitchen staff looks clean and presentable. You just need to make sure you source the attire from the right rental and laundry service.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Staff Always Looks Their Best

Chef clothing rental is easy when you work with a company that offers kitchen attire, and features a full range of laundry services. By outfitting your kitchen staff, you can ensure that they will always look their best. If you need new uniforms, you should never have to wait more than two weeks. If it takes longer than this, you need to find another supplier of chef whites and other hospitality wear.

You also want to work with a company that will never charge extra to switch out the sizes for uniforms. Besides keeping your kitchen’s appliances and utensils clean, you also need to make sure you and your kitchen staff look spotless. This can be more easily done when you seek out a full-service company that offers kitchen clothing in the form of polo shirts, aprons, chef trousers, and chef jackets.

A Traditional Garment of Chefs

When choosing the chef’s jackets, remember that this form of clothing needs to be highly functional. Symbolic in nature, the chef’s jacket’s roots go back to the 1800s in France. At that time, chefs in the country were featuring dishes as part of a culinary art style. Therefore, they needed to match their attire with the method of food preparation.

All apparel should be designed to cleverly hide stains so the chef can walk out in front of customers without worrying how he or she looks. Uniforms present a clean appearance while providing a looser fit. This type of fit permits the kitchen worker to stay away from scalds or burns. If a piece of clothing is to snug, it is easier to scald or burn the skin.

The Importance of Aprons

To protect your kitchen staff against spills, you need to make sure to order the right number of aprons. You will also need these garments for the servers. Aprons are necessary, as they offer an additional level of protection against hot foods and beverages.

Make Sure to Replenish Your Supply of Cloths

Besides clothes for the kitchen staff, you will need to use laundry hiring services to obtain a regular supply of cloths. Of all the kitchen linen products available for hire, cloths rank at the top with respect to use. Cloths support the work of servers, waitstaff, kitchen staff, and managers. You need to use cloths to wipe down surfaces, disinfect sinks, or grab onto hot handles. They can also be used for cleaning glasses or polishing silverware.

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