What To Expect On Maui Whale Watching Tours

During the winter months of December through April, Maui whale watching tours are among the most popular activities in Hawaii. Choose from a variety of tours including those on a raft, catamarans and more!

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Humpback Whales

During the winter months, humpback whales migrate to Hawaii from their summer habitats. They are a fascinating animal that can be observed in the ocean while on a Maui whale watching tour.

These majestic mammals are known to display a variety of behavior such as tail slapping, pectoral fin slapping and breaching. Learn more about these whales during your trip with a knowledgeable guide.

Ultimate Whale Watch is a top-rated whale watching company that offers guaranteed sightings and small group tours. They also donate a portion of every ticket sold to support marine research as well as the Rescue Disentanglement Network.

Spinner Dolphins

Humpback whales are a sight to behold, and Maui is one of the best places in the world to spot them. During the winter months (November-April), thousands of humpback whales travel from Alaska to Hawaii’s warm waters to breed, calve, and raise their calves.

These majestic creatures are seen in abundance during this time and can be spotted from the shore, hotels, and even better- on a whale watching tour! During our Ultimate whale watch, you’ll see these majestic animals in the most up-close and intimate setting possible.

Spinner dolphins are nocturnal, meaning they hunt at night and sleep during the day. They use their inherent echolocation system to communicate with others in their groups, and they can scan the dark to find prey such as fish and shrimp.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Known for their heart-shaped shells, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are graceful and fleet in the water. They weigh up to 400 pounds and can reach lengths of 4 feet. They eat algae and limu, which are rich in nutrients and toxins that help them maintain their healthy shells.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a protected and endangered species in Hawaii. It is illegal to harass, hunt, feed or capture these creatures in the wild.

To protect these animals, it is very important to observe them in a calm manner and keep a safe distance. They are sensitive and can easily be harmed by humans.

They are also threatened by habitat destruction, poaching, hunting, egg harvesting, fishing, accidental seizure by fisheries, coastal development and ocean pollution. As a result, it is extremely important to respect these beautiful creatures and spread awareness about their conservation.

Hawaiian Monk Seals

During your Maui snorkel tour, you might spot Hawaiian monk seals. They are one of only two remaining species of monk seals, along with the Mediterranean monk seal.

They are solitary marine mammals and don’t live in large groups like other seals. They can be seen hauling out on beaches or rocks, or sleeping underwater in small caves.

While they’re a great sighting for photographers, monk seals are not necessarily friendly. They will protect their young if you get too close, so keep your distance.

The best chance of seeing monk seals on your Hawaii vacation is on the smallest islands, including Niihau and Kauai. These islands are a little closer to the uninhabited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where they tend to nest and reproduce.

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