Types of photography everyone should know

Photography is the art of freezing beautiful moments of your life as well as taking snaps for commercial purposes. The field has risen from being a private memory creator to a marketing tool. You can easily buy photography equipment either online or through physical stores. You can find several niches of photography and each niche will require different techniques and skills in the art. Some will also earn using photography, while some will do it as a hobby. In this article, let us discuss some of the types of photography in brief.

Editorial photography 

Editorial photography is the art of capturing moments that can help in visualizing the stories written in the word format. You can find editorial images in magazines, websites, and other written story telling portals. These images will add value to the context and help in grasping the attention of the readers. You would have to work with the writers and art directors to capture moments that will resonate with the story. There are several different niches stories can be from and you should be able to capture in all these niches. Your images should be compatible with both horizontal and vertical compositions.

Still life photography

You would be familiar with product advertising images. These will be pictures that will show a specific product along with some by-products if any. It is known as still photography. A still photographer will be responsible for the capturing of different inanimate objects that are arranged in a beautiful way to impress or exhibit the products to the customers. Although it does not mean that still photography is only used for marketing purposes, most of the applications will fall under this category.

Fashion photography

It will be somewhat a combination of portrait photography and still life photography. It is done to showcase fashion accessories like dresses, shoes, and others through models. You will be focusing on the apparel rather than on the composition and expressions of the character. These images will get featured in magazines, fashion websites, fashion shows, etc. This type of photography is the most easily marketable profession, and hence it attracts more aspiring photographers. If you are good at fashion photography, you can work with many fashion companies to showcase their products in the best possible way.

Sports photography

Sports photography is the profession of capturing moments of sporting events. Unlike other types of photography, you cannot make the sportsmen give poses or actions. It will be live coverage, and you cannot wait for everyone to pose for you. You may need some specific skills to succeed in sports photography, and you can feature your works in magazines, newspapers, and websites.

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is the art of capturing nature and animals with cameras. A wildlife photographer will be wandering inside the forests to take a snap of an irresistible moment between the animals. There is a huge demand for these perfect snaps of wildlife both in print magazines and broadcasting networks. You can get decent pay for every brilliant shot in the woods.

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