Know Everything About Legal Assistance For Small Businesses

Statistics acclaimed by the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy state some interesting facts, about 80% of small businesses survive the first year, leading to roughly one in three in the next ten years that thrive to tell the tale. Now, there could be a comprehensive discussion on why small businesses fail and which has become prime research as the pandemic hits the world. However, this could also be large because small business owners do not set up the legislation that can save them from the extra burdens, or seeking personal assistance from attorneys is too expensive to afford.

Law 4 small business here comes to the rescue.

One of the popular online legal assistance agency

Founded way back in 2011, this serves as the one-stop destination to provide small businesses with reliable, comprehensive, and straightforward legal consultation. Currently, the agency works in 50 states through online and in-person assistance, mostly based in the US states of California, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, and Virginia where they have local offices.

They constitute a team of dedicated business lawyers, paralegals, designers, and writers who have specific and holistic knowledge and approaches to legal problems encountered by small businesses. In July 2017 they teamed up with Business Law Southwest to be one of the largest business law firms in the Southern United States.

Services Offered

Law 4 small business serves a diverse array of clients across the world. This includes lifestyle companies, venture-backed firms, family-owned groups, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and many such. The services they offer also hail from multi-dimensional legal aspects that give a solid outcome to existing problems. Some of the services include

  • Business formation

This includes the formation of a fast, affordable LLC and operating agreement, protecting identity through anonymous LLC, foreign LLC, registered agent services, corporate paperwork packages, etc.

  • Intellectual property

Trademark registration, trade name assistance, professional-grade services to police and enforce approved trademarks, licensing agreements consultation services with skilled trademark attorneys, and many such services and products come under this.

  • Legal Documents

This particularly saves small business owners from unwanted legal accusations beforehand. This includes drafting and creating templates of contracts, contract disputes, negotiations, and also contract reviews.

  • Dispute resolution and many, many more.

Affirmations and Contradictions

Law 4 small business vouch for its effective, quick approach, and help clients stay in compliance with legal aspects that aid in keeping the resistance away and super growth of small businesses.

The quality benchmark of their performances is based on certain key aspects such as

  • An impressive team of well-trained attorneys and legal assistants.
  • Curating high-quality, customized operating agreement that brings long-term success to small businesses.
  • Long-term assistance, simply whenever and wherever the clients need it.
  • Deliver holistic solutions to larger problems with long-term effectiveness.
  • Maximize liability protection
  • Maintaining confidentiality.

Some of the contradictions in terms of service quality that they vouch for have also been registered by clients. Starting from low priority, attorneys not returning most calls for days, to charging big amounts for trivial services.


Professionalism is what they are most appreciated for by their clients. Moreover, it may get overwhelming to manage the legal system as well as other aspects of small businesses. So, an ounce of prevention is always better than paying the price of the cure.

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