Do you possess these must-have Car Cleaning Accessories

One common factor between all the vehicles is that they are made mostly out of metal. Due to weather conditions across the region, all vehicles tend to rust and corrode with time. A lot of debris such as leaves, dust, insects get deposited on the car body over time and need to be removed. This is where the car cleaning accessories come into play.

There are many products available in the market for cleaning as well as taking good care of your car. However, there are certain must-have car care products that every car lover should possess to keep the car look clean as well as well-maintained.

Car Wash brush: These brushes are featured by their long handle which allows washing of the top parts of the car. These are made of either plastic or fiberglass material, with a sponge on top which is used to wipe down the dirt and grime from the exterior surface.

Car Screen Wash – Michelin Super Concentrated screenwash is a  powerful screen wash that can remove bugs and grime from the windshield. It also contains high-quality ingredients that remove dirt and grime from glass, chrome,   and plastic surfaces without causing any damage to the windshield or the wiper blades.

Wheel Brush: Michelin Wheel Brush is used to effectively clean alloy or mag wheels. The long handle of the brush allows people to reach all the nooks and corners of the wheel

Glass Cleaning cloth: Michelin Glass Cleaning cloth is used to wash car windows and mirrors. This cloth does not leave any streaks or marks on the glass after cleaning it

Interior Brush:  Interior brush is used to clean upholstery, dashboard, door panels, etc. These are made of fiberglass material that is capable of removing dirt and dust particles from interior surfaces with ease.

Car care Kit – 3M Car Care Kit is a complete solution containing cleaning and detailing accessories that help the user to clean all types of surfaces. The kit contains Car Wash Shampoo, Tyre Dresser, Dashboard Dresser,  Liquid Wax, and Microfiber Cloth that is highly absorbent.

Car purifier:  It is used to remove dust, dirt, or debris from the car. This car accessory is made of rubber which soaks in water and when tapped on any surface, it swells up allowing all the impurities to come out.

Windscreen Wash Concentrate: Michelin Windscreen Wash Concentrate is used to wipe down the bugs and grime from exterior glass surfaces. The usage of windscreen washer fluid makes the dirt dissolve completely within seconds

Michelin Wash Sponge:   It is used to wash glass and body panels. The soft-edged foam of the sponge enables complete surface coverage and helps in removing dirt and grime from car surfaces

Tyre Shine Aerosol: Michelin Tyre Shine Aerosol (Tyre Polish Spray):   It is used to add gloss and protection to tyres.

Car wash and wax: Formula 1 Premium Wash and Wax are used to wash and wax car surfaces. This solution cleans, shines, and protects all exterior car surfaces.

All these car cleaning accessories allow customers to keep their cars in pristine condition.  It also enhances the life of the vehicle as well as increases its resale value.

These are some of the must-have car cleaning accessories that you should invest in to  keep your car well-maintained and look stylish.  Besides investing in these car cleaning accessories it is absolutely necessary to invest in good quality and branded products that will do no harm to your car.

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